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¿About Us?

Palacios & Asociados was founded in 1994 in Guatemala City when its current Managing Partner returned to the country after concluding his term in the Diplomatic Mission with the UN in New York and finishing his specialization studies. Like any young lawyer, he aspired to put his experience into practice and develop a law firm with an international reputation that focused on the challenges that were appearing on the glimpse of a new millennium. Thanks to the effort of each person that joined that vision, we can now say that he has fulfilled it!

The excellence we are known for is not only a result of success, but of constant determination to exercise the practice of Law with our core values: responsibility, loyalty and honesty.

For more than two decades, we have characterized ourselves by providing legal services and specialized consulting.

Palacios y Asociados

We are recognized for our wide variety of legal services including Intellectual Property, Litigation, Corporate, Business and Procedural Law, which we offer to national, regional and multinational companies.

Our Firm has provided services and legal coordination to different acquisition processes in all of Central America, Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and South Mexico, as well as three countries in South America.


  • Marco Antonio Palacios
  • Myriam Eugenia López
  • Luis Pedro Cazali
  • Hilda Monterroso Gaitán
  • Rodolfo Antonio Godoy
  • Manuel Duarte Barrera
  • Mario Roberto Paz
  • Ángel Ricardo Vides
  • César Isaác Payés
  • Ana Lucía Milían
  • Jorge Antonio Méndez
  • Walter Espinoza Rodas

Practice Areas

  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Law
  • Litigation and Constitutional Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Competition Law and Consumer Protection
  • Regulatory Law/li>
  • Labelling and Advertising Law for the Trade of Goods
  • Tax Law
  • Pharmaceutical Law

Marco Antonio Palacios

Lawyer and Notary graduated from San Carlos University in Guatemala. Postgraduate studies in International Business and Intellectual Property in Switzerland, Uruguay and the US. He worked as a diplomat for the UN in New York and as Deputy Manager of Commerce for Guatemala´s State Department.

He has provided his services as a consultant for the World Intellectual Property Organization to projects financed by the IDB.

He is currently the Vice president for Guatemala in the Inter-American Copyright Institute and a member of the Executive Board of the Inter-American Intellectual Property Association.

Languages: Spanish, English, and knowledge of French and Italian.

Areas of Practice:Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking Law and International Business.

Email: mapalacios@sercomi.com.gt

Myriam Eugenia López

Lawyer and Notary graduated from San Carlos University in Guatemala; she has studied psychology and has a Social Worker degree from the same university.

SFounding Partner of Palacios & Asociados and Director of the Litigation area; she has participated in the management and coordination of processes in Central America, United States and countries in South America and Europe reaching emblematic sentences in pioneer cases.

Her experience in civil, commercial and criminal litigation has been a very important advantage that has allowed us to generate trust with our clients.

Lenguages: Spanish.

Areas of Practice:Litigation, Constitutional Law, Public Contracts, Intellectual Property (civil, criminal and administrative litigation).

Email: mel@sercomi.com.gt

Luis Pedro Cazali

Lawyer and Notary graduated from Francisco Marroquin University with specialized studies in Commercial Law, Economic Integration and different areas related to Access to Merchandise Markets.

SPartner and Director of International Commerce and Regulatory Law areas. Member of technical teams in more than 12 negotiation processes in Guatemala and Central America, with third party countries or trade blocs, in areas such as duty or nonduty, origin regulations, technical obstacles, commercial defense and commercial disputes.

He has participated as an expert in different projects financed by international organizations in economic, social and development aspects.

Languages:Spanish and English.

Areas of Practice: Sale of Goods, Rules of Origin, Alternate Methods of Conflict Resolution, Commercial Defense, Economic Integration and Regulatory Law.

Email: lpcazali@sercomi.com.gt.

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